Printed magazine for minitruckers is here and strong!

Print is NOT dead!

You asked, we provided.  

After being only a digital magazine for many years we started getting more and more people asking us to bring it to print when Mini Truckin unfortunately left us all.  Our readers were asking us to offer a print option.  We decided to jump in without looking back.

We released our first Issue at Camp n Drag 2015 and have been going strong ever since.  The support has been mind blowing and we are now shipping worldwide AND providing worldwide coverage! Magazines also include an 11x17 poster with each issue!  Yearly subscriptions are published bi-monthly, which means now 6 Issues a year!!!  

You don't have to have a $100,000 ride to be featured or even spotted in the show coverage.  We strive to bring you some of the best coverage from the lifestyle that we all love and live.   While showcasing your rides built from hard work and sacrifice.  

‚ÄčThank you all for the support and Ride Low!